Crystal Ice Cave & Snowmobile

Snowmobile tour on Langjökull glacier and natural Ice Cave

Crystal Ice Cave and Snowmobile in Iceland

  • Golden Circle

  • Availability: All year

  • Duration: 4- 5 hrs from Gullfoss, 8-10hrs with pick-up from Reykjavik

  • Level: Easy

  • Meeting Place: (without pick-up) Skjól Campground near Gullfoss waterfall Iceland. You will have to be there at least 30 minutes before the start of the tour

  • Pick-up: ca. 0,5hr before tour start, from Reykjavik

  • Clothes: Warm clothes and good footwear, even in the summer. Remember, it is a glacier! (Waterproof shoes, Warm socks, Coat, Hat and gloves, sunglasses are recommended)

  • Age limit: 8 years (to be a passenger on a snowmobile)

  • Included: 1hr. snowmobile tour on Langjökull glacier including safety equipment, Guided tour to crystal Ice cave, English speaking guide. Two people share a snowmobile

  • NB. You need a valid driver’s license to drive the snowmobile. Two persons share a snowmobile. If you wish to have a snowmobile by yourself, or you are an uneven number of people in your group, please put in the number of “solo riders”. You can choose if you want to meet us on the location or be picked up in Reykjavik. See two different booking machines

Crystal Ice Cave and Snowmobile - An adventurous glacier tour from Reykjavik with amazing views

Let the snowmobile bring you on an amazing adventure, on Iceland’s second largest glacier, and into a beautiful natural crystal ice cave. A fun and memorable day tour either from Reykjavik, or from Gullfoss waterfall. On this tour you will experience a glacier from the outside and the inside.

The Glacier tour starts with a pick-up from your accommodation in Reykjavik or in “meet on the location” at Gullfoss waterfall.

We will then drive you to our snowmobile base by the roots of the Langjökull glacier. On the way you can enjoy the wonderful nature in the area. Our certified glacier guides will welcome you and give you all the necessary information about the snowmobiles and safety.

The tour starts with an hour of fun and adrenalin pumping snowmobile ride over the impressive Langjökull glacier. The glacier is also known as “The White Glacier” because of the incredibly clean and white snow that covers the glacier like a blanket. We will then drive to a beautiful and natural crystal ice cave on the glacier. This visit to the cave will not disappoint. Here you will experience beautiful, blue layers of ice.

Inside the cave there will be plenty of opportunities to take beautiful pictures, before the snowmobile drive to the base and if you have chosen pick-up then the drive back to Reykjavik.

A really exiting glacier adventure on Langjökull

Se photos from Crystal Ice Cave and Snowmobile

Crystal Ice Cave & Snowmobile from Skjól:

Crystal Ice Cave & Snowmobile from Reykjavik:


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  • Meeting Point: (without pick-up) Skjól Campground near Gullfoss waterfall Iceland. You will have to be there at least 30 minutes before the start of the tour

  • Pick-upca. 0,5hr before tour start, from Reykjavik

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