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Boat Tours

Sailing Tours in Iceland!
Boat tours Iceland

Boat Tours Iceland

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Iceland has a beautiful nature, which also can be enjoyed from a different angle, sitting on a boat. We offer a selection of boat tours in Iceland, where you can totally relax and enjoy the wonderful nature. A great example would be a boat trip on the famous Glacier lagoon Jökulsarlon. There is also a change that you are one of the brave ones, that loves a little action, then you might want to try the speedy rib boats.

Boat tours in Iceland - view the wonderful nature

Imagen yourself sailing out from Reykjavik’s old harbor on a still winter evening, hunting the northern lights. It is a wonderful experience to relax with a cup of hot cacao, listening to the sounds of the ocean, while viewing a magnificent lightshow from the clear sky, the dancing northern lights… this is experience like no other. We also offer exciting boat tour on the famous glacier lagoon. On this tour you will be sailing among floating icebergs. The glacier lagoon is something that should not be missed when travelling to Iceland. It is a true natural phenomenon, unlike anything else.  

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Experience the nature with a guide!

In Iceland you will find high mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, green valleys and black lava beaches. Iceland is a country with sharp contrasts, beautiful nature and varied landscapes. Experience Iceland's nature on a sightseeing tour with a guide.


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